Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Mache Piggy Bank


  What I love about his craft is that it is an inexpensive craft to do and it takes a week to do so it is a great time filler for a week of art camp. The children end up with a really nice project to take home at the end of the week and yes it really is a bank!

        Some draw backs are: it is messy (very messy) and if you have kids missing days, you need to make sure their project gets done so they are kept on task and don't get behind.  In other words. You, other staff or another child needs to do the step for them. 

        Now to cut down on mess I put down new paper on all table and instruct the children on how to paper mache, this saves me a lot of mess later.

To make this craft you will need:
a large ballon
5 paper cups
Scotch tape
news paper
pipe cleaner
fun foan
glue gun

First, You blow up the balloons and tape four cups carefully on in the position of four feet.  Then you cute down the last cup to the size of a snout and tape it over the balloon stem.  Once you have the balloons on you can start to paper mache  (we discovered that if you add glue to the paper mache it hardens and makes the piggy really study) with strips of the news paper.  I cover one full coat over the piggy one day then one more the 2nd day.

After the piggy has two dry coast of paper mache on it, it is ready for paint.  It will need two coats of paint.  After the paint has dried you will use a glue gun to add the ear and pipe cleaner tail.  The final thing is to cut a slit in the top for the money and your done :)

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